Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Accidental Werewolf
By: Dakota Cassidy
When I first started reading this book I finished the first chapter and put it down . I wasn’t impressed. I love paranormal romances, they’re my first choice when picking up a book to read. I was fascinated by the idea of this story, but when I started reading it seemed as though it had no depth. Then the other day when I was reading an interview of Roof Beam Readers blogger someone asked him if he ever put a book down and didn’t finish it. He replied that “he didn’t ,he always hoped a book would get better.” This inspired me to pick this book back up.
I’m happy I did . The Accidental Werewolf is a fun , laugh out loud take on lycanthropy. Not as serious as other paranormal reads, but a really good read. The main character Marty is every woman who has just had it. Her reactions, although brought on by her condition, are understandable and quite hilarious when dealing with the situations that arise.
The romance parts of the book are steamier than you would expect when looking at the cute cover. Keegan the male lead is sooo steamy! Any women would love to be accidentally bit by him. Marty and Keegan’s chemistry is fantastic.
My only complaint about this book is , at times it seemed to take to long to get to the point that you know is coming , its over detailed at times.
That being said I will read Dakota Cassidy’s other books in fact I already ordered one. She’s very entertaining.
Happy Reading--H

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